zaterdag 8 december 2012

Lady Anneke

This lady (56) can smile confidently without fear of exposing embarrassing caries eroded teeth. She was aware that public appearance is important for her social standing. She also realized that the cycle of drilling and filling and patching and repairing was limited in its very nature. She did not want to face the prospect of expensive items like crowns, caps or implants, which would burden her finances. To avoid these consequences and to steer clear from the strident sound of the dental buzz a different strategy was needed. Therefore she decided to put her trust in GDP, a low cost yet extremely effective dental protection fluid. Her choice was certainly rewarded. GDP stops all forms of tooth decay and gum diseases that are caused by cariogenic bacteria, with a minimum of effort. Throughout the twenty years she applied GDP , there was no need to see a dentist. Her teeth look almost the same as  they did 20 years ago. Yes ,she has a sweet tooth and a predilection for the notorious corrosive soft drinks. The invisible layer of 1.5 micron average thickness all around her teeth confers full protection and makes them insusceptible to the corrosive and cariogenic forces attacking her teeth as a consequence of her diet. Her pearly white teeth are due to the fact that dental plaque bacterias don't adhere to the enamel or to exposed dentin. As a matter of fact dentin exposed as a result of retraction of the gingiva is similarly protected as the enamel. As it stands one can say she is better off than those who can afford expensive dental restorations and also better off than the proverbial monarch. They all rely on conventional dentistry, which generally proves to be costly. GDP protects your natural teeth by adapting them for today's food in order to keep your teeth and gums healthy and in place for a lifetime.